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POINTS project officially launches tools to support integrity activities and good governance in sport organisations

9th November 2020 | 0 Comments

The Erasmus+ co-financed POINTS Project enters its final phase of activities with the publication of the two main outcomes developed by the project consortium: 

  1. The Guidelines for Single Points of Contact for Integrity in Sport;
  2. SIGGS 2.0 Self-evaluation tool for Good Governance in Sport organisation.

Managed by the EOC EU Office, the POINTS project supported the setting-up and the training of Single Points of Contact for Integrity (SPOCs) within fourteen sport organisations including eleven NOCs, European Athletics, European Volleyball Confederation and FIBA Europe. It is now time for the project consortium to share its knowledge and developed tools to encourage other European and national organisations to strengthen their integrity policies and strategies.  

Guidelines for Single Points of Contact for Integrity in Sport 

Building on the expertise of the IOC, INTERPOL and other partners, the consortium developed a comprehensive document with the objective to support the setting-up of SPOCs within Sport organisations. The objectives of the Guidelines are the following:

  1. Propose a common approach for the concept of SPOC to facilitate cooperation and communication between sport organisations and their stakeholders;
  2. Identify key activities which can be conducted by SPOCs as well as potential developments and challenges;
  1. Propose recommendations on the steps to be followed when setting-up a SPOC in a sport organisation.

The Guidelines published today are enriched by more than a year of experience, activities and trainings for the SPOCs nominated by the fourteen partner organisations of the POINTS. The Guidelines are available for all sport organisations – NOCs, sport confederations, European federations and national federations – on the documents and publications section the POINTS project website. 

The POINTS project will use the upcoming weeks to promote the Guidelines towards all European NOCs and their members. The objective is to enlarge the scope of organisations setting-up SPOCs and to contribute to the implementation of efficient integrity policies. 

SIGGS 2.0 self-evaluation tool for sport organisations

In 2015, the EOC EU Office has developed the “Support the Implementation of Good Governance in Sport (SIGGS) self-evaluation tool” aiming at to support the implementation of Good Governance principles in sport organisations via a self-assessment questionnaire and personalised action plans. The tool has been used by more than 300 European, national and regional sport organisations around Europe.

The second version of the tool, SIGGS 2.0, pursues the ambition to support sport organisations in their path towards better governance. To achieve this objective, the tool has been updated to integrate recent integrity developments and governance good practices and to include additional features for the users. 

Key characteristics of the SIGGS 2.0:

  1. 45 to 50 questions, depending the nature of your organisation, based on four key governance principles: 

  1. Automatically generated results synthesis and personalised action plans;
  2. Access to a library of “Roadmaps” including good practice examples on 20 integrity and governance areas;
  3. Possibility for individual or collaborative answers and to modify the answers at any time.
  4. Questionnaire is available in 12 langages (EN, FR, DE, HR, SL, CZ, IT, NT, DK, NO, PT, LT)

Registration to the SIGGS 2.0 is accessible free of charge at http://siggs.novagov.com/.

Please do not hesitate to contact POINTS project management if you have any further question: Capelli@euoffice.eurolympic.org