National Olympic Committee of Italy (CONI)


The Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI), founed in 1914, is the National Governing Body for Sport responsible for sports development and management in Italy. It is recognised by the IOC and is also a member of the EOC. CONI is the authority governing, regulating and managing national sports activities in Italy and is responsible for the organisation and strengthening of national sports. It is a government agency operating under the supervision of the Prime Minister’s Office and is funded by government grants. CONI has a presence in 102 Provinces and 19 Regions, it endorses 45 National Sports Federations, 19 Associated Disciplines, 14 National Sports Promotional Bodies and 1 local, and 20 Meritorious Associations. These organisations represent around 95,000 sports clubs and a total of around 11 million members.

More Infos on: http://www.coni.it/it